July 04, 2021 4 min read

Miracles Manifester hoodies are designed to keep you comfortable and looking your best. Made from high-quality French terry, our hoodies provide a soft and comfortable way to invoke the Law of Attraction and move your dreams closer to reality. 

However, like all clothing, Miracles Manifesters hoodies sometimes need to be washed. Even though our products are low maintenance, they still some tender love and care from time to time.

If you want to keep your items looking fresh and feeling cozy, it should be handled the right way. 

To keep your 2021 wardrobe looking like it was bought in 2021, there are just a few basic tips you need to follow. 

How to Wash Hoodies

Know When to Wash

Unlike some other pieces of clothing, hoodies do not need to be cleaned every time they’re worn.

Because hoodies often go over T-shirts, they tend to absorb only small amounts of sweat. Even if you’ve worn your hoodie for a few hours, there is a good chance it may not need to be cleaned.

Instead of chucking your sweatshirt in the dirty clothes hamper at home after a day at school or an evening on the couch, examine the garment to ensure it’s actually dirty.

If your hoodie smells fine, feels dry, and has no stains, you can wear it again without worry. Sometimes, the best way to care for clothes is to avoid over cleaning.  

Use the Right Water Temperature

To keep your clothing looking great and feeling cozy, keep the heat to a minimum. Hot water can harm the quality and texture of the hoodie.

Instead of turning the temperature to high, go for cold. Icy water keeps colors bright and allows textures to maintain their natural shape, which helps them stay soft and can prevent shrinkage.

By limiting your washes to cold water only, you will extend the life of your sweatshirt.

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Skip the Fabric Softener

This may sound counter-intuitive but using fabric softener can turn a soft shirt into a stiff one.

Fabric softener is meant to make items feel better, but over time it has the reverse effect. The product tends to build up on fleecy garments and leave them feeling rough.

Plus, there is no need to make a Miracles Manifester hoodie soft. It’s already cozy! So don’t use fabric softener. 

Choose the Right Detergent

Heavy detergents can be rough on the French terry material that gives Miracles Manifester hoodies their smooth look and soft feel. While heavy detergents are great for getting out stains, their abrasive chemical makeup can cause damage to fabric textures and leave your garment feeling stiff and rough.

A better option is to use a mild detergent, which is much gentler on the cotton fabrics that make up sweatshirts. These detergents still do their job by cleaning away the everyday oils and dirt that accumulate on clothing, and they do so without the effects of harsh chemicals.

Turn it Inside-Out

The best way to wash your Miracles Manifester hoodie is to turn it inside-out before you toss it in the washing machine. This can help protect the outer colors and designs while simultaneously helping the colors stay bright.

Turning your hoodie inside-out before washing it also helps to clean the fabric that’s closest to your skin. This is the part of your sweatshirts that are most likely to soak up bodily fluids and therefore most likely to need a wash.  


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Wash with the Similar Garments

When many colors meet in a home washing machine, they tend to bleed. This results in faded, muted-looking clothing.

The best way to avoid color fading is to wash similar colors together. This goes beyond simply light and dark. Instead, sort like-hued shades such as deep blues and purples together and don’t mix them with other colors.

It’s also best to clean your sweatshirts one at a time. Washing garments together can lead to friction that can cause damage. But if that’s not feasible, be sure to wash your sweatshirts with similarly structured garments such as sweatshirts and sweatpants. 

Time it Right

The general rule for laundry is to keep the cycle length as short as possible. The less time your cotton hoodie is whirled around the washing machine, the longer it will last.

The only reason to keep your sweatshirt in for an extended cycle is for extra cleaning. If your garment is extremely dirty – or if you’re washing several lightly soiled garments at once – an extended wash cycle should be used to ensure everything is fully clean.

Dry the Natural Way

Driers are great to quickly take your clothes from sopping wet to wearable, but it comes at a cost. Drying too quickly can lead to shrinkage and fading.

If it’s possible, dry your Miracles Manifester hoodies at home on a line or rack. Air drying can help items last longer, smell fresher, and stay fresh-from-the-store bright. However, if this is not an option for you, don’t fret.

Tumble drying your garments on a low-heat setting is a still a good option. To keep your cotton sweatshirt looking its very best when using a dryer, toss it in by itself and pull it out as soon as possible.

How to Wash Hoodies and Keep them Soft

Take Care of Stains First

Don’t rely on detergent to get stains out of your laundry. If you’ve spilled anything like coffee, wine, or food on your hoodie, it’s best to tend to it before you toss it in the machine.

When it comes to preservation, the best stain removers tend to be those made with natural ingredients. Most stain removal products, while good for cutting through grease or breaking up discolorations, can make clothes feel rough. Natural products, which are not as harsh, are a better option.

What to do About Shrinking

Sometimes, despite the best efforts, clothing shrinks. The reason it gets smaller after a few washes is simple: too much heat.

Washing and any kind of cotton clothing in high-temperature water can lead to shrinkage. Drying at high temperatures can also lead to tighter fitting shirts and pants.

This can be a good thing if your clothing runs a bit too large. But usually, it’s just annoying.

Once shrinkage happens, there’s no going back. Luckily, the best way to prevent shrinking is simple. Keep your cotton and fleece items away from hot temperatures (in the washer and the dryer!) and you’ll be fine.