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How to Measure a Hoodie Size (Step-By-Step Guide) Miracles Manifester Hoodies

Hoodies are an ideal clothing item for both hot summer nights and walks during cool winter evenings. 

They are perfect for pairing with jeans or leggings, and they can also be worn as a dress when you need to look elegant.

However, what if you want to order a hoodie online?  

When you visit an online shop, you don't have the opportunity to try on your new clothes, so how will you know which dimensions and styles of the hooded sweatshirt you like suit you? 

The answer is - by measuring a hoodie you bought earlier that fits you in terms of dimensions. 

How Do You Measure Sweatshirts? 

Although there are no absolute rules, certain methods can be used to measure a hoodie. Let's dive in! 

The cut of sweatshirts differs from classic shirts. Therefore, there is a possibility that your usual size will not suit you when it comes to a hoodie. 

This usually applies to women because, by default, most sweatshirt manufacturers use men's sizings. 

You will have to check the sizing of your old hoodie if you plan on buying another one without the benefit of trying it on first. 

Fear not, this is not as complicated as it might seem.  

To measure your sweatshirt and determine the size that suits you, all you need is a measuring tape and a few minutes of your time. 

Now, let's start with the measurement. 

Measuring a Hoodie: Step-By-Step Guide 

Start by spreading your hoodie on a flat surface. A table or even a bed can be used for this purpose. 

Step 1 - Shoulder to Shoulder 

The first thing you need to do is determine the width of the sweatshirt between the shoulders. This will prevent you from buying a hooded sweatshirt that is too wide. 

It's true that oversized hoodies can also look good if you style them properly, but if you are looking for one that will perfectly fit your dimensions, then this measurement is something you don't want to skip. 

Step 2 - Front Measurements 

After you've checked the width between the shoulders, it's time to determine the hoodie's total length. 

You will do this by simply measuring the front of the sweatshirt (from the neck to the bottom edge of the sweatshirt). 

Step 3 - Neck to Shoulder 

Although you have already determined the dimensions of the sweatshirt between the shoulders, it is necessary to measure the distance from neck to shoulders. 

This will prevent your new hoodie from "hanging" on your shoulders and looking too big. 

Step 4 - Sleeve Measurements 

Measure the length from shoulder to wrist, and you're good to go. 

If clothes you want to buy are short-sleeved, measure how long you want the sleeve to be. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all hoodie manufacturers produce their clothing items according to the same specifications. 

For this reason, it's necessary to compare your dimensions with those in the manufacturer's table. 

Step 5 - Chest Circumference Measurements 

Note: Before any of these measurements, it's important to ensure that a hoodie you're using to determine the right size is placed on a flat surface. Otherwise, the dimensions you measure may be incorrect. 

This is especially important when measuring chest circumference. 

To determine how wide your sweatshirt should be on your chest, measure it at the widest part (under the arms). 

The easiest way to determine the chest circumference is to measure the width of the sweatshirt under the arms (from the front) and double that. 

Step 6 - Measure the Bottom Edge 

By measuring the edge, you determine the width at the lower (waist) part. That waist width is important because the hoodie you buy must match the circumference of your waist.

Measure the bottom edge above the elastic part (if there is one). 

We recommend that you measure the width of the hem on the front of your hoodie and multiply it by two. 

Step 7 - Measure Sleeve Width (Cuffs) 

As with the bottom of the hoodie, this measurement is made above the elastic part of a sleeve's hem. 

Measure the circumference of the sleeves at the bottom, but don't forget that you need space to fit your jewelry, watches, or other accessories you plan to wear with your new shirt. 

So, when you measure the circumference of the sleeve's edge, add a few inches more. 

Step 8 - Measure the Circumference of the Head Opening 

Although we have listed this measurement as the last, it certainly does not mean that it is the least important. 

On the contrary, the size of the opening for the head is one of the most important dimensions that you need to determine when buying a hoodie online. 

It would certainly not be comfortable for the hoodie you buy to squeeze you in the neck area. So make sure it is the right size. 

It would help if you'd write down each of these measured dimensions on paper. Then, compare your dimensions with those in the manufacturer's tables. Only at this point will you know exactly which size is right for you. 

UNISEX HOODIE SIZING Miracles Manifester Hoodies

How To Buy a Hoodie As a Gift For Someone Else? 

What if you want to buy a hoodie as a surprise gift for a loved one? It's clear that measurement is not an option in this case. 

So what can be done? 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this "problem" as well. Although people differ in height, weight, and even body shape, there are still universal sizes that suit most people. 

Therefore, if you are buying a hoodie as a gift, feel free to check out Miracles Manifester Hoodies. You can rely on the following dimensions when choosing a size: 


S Size

  • CHEST: 56 cm (22 '')
  • LENGTH: 68 cm (26.7 '')
  • SHOULDER: 54 cm (21.2 '')
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: 58 cm (22.8 '')
  • HOOD: 33 cm (12.9 '')

 M Size

  • CHEST: 59 cm (23.2 '')
  • LENGTH: 70.5 cm (27.7 '')
  • SHOULDER: 54 cm (21.2 '')
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: 61 cm (24 '')
  • HOOD: 35 CM (13.7 '')

L Size

  • CHEST: 63 cm (24.8 '')
  • LENGTH: 72 cm (28.3 '')
  • SHOULDER: 56 cm (22 '')
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: 62.5 cm (24.6 '')
  • HOOD: 35 CM (13.7 '')

 XL Size

  • CHEST: 64.5 cm (25.3 '')
  • LENGTH: 73.5 cm (28.9 '')
  • SHOULDER: 58 cm (22.8 '')
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: 63.5 cm (25 '')
  • HOOD: 36 CM (14.1'')

 2XL Size

  • CHEST: 66.5 cm (26.1 '')
  • LENGTH: 75 cm (29.5 '')
  • SHOULDER: 59 cm (23.2 '')
  • SLEEVE LENGTH: 65 cm (25.5 '')
  • HOOD: 37 CM (14.5 '')

    Wrapping Up 

    As you can see, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to measure your old hoodie, and buying a new one online to fit you perfectly will be a piece of cake.

    It only takes a little patience, a little time, and a little bit of measurement. Follow this step-by-step guide, and we are sure you will get the best results! Good luck measuring!