June 14, 2021 4 min read

Every Miracles Manifester hoodie is made from 100% French terry fabric. Known worldwide for its high-quality, plushness, and durability, hoodies from Miracles Manifester deliver a snug elegance that invoke the Law of Attraction while keeping wearers comfortable. 

We create hoodies full of life! Our hoodies are the perfect accessories to any outfit. Whether they’re thrown over gym clothes, added to sweatpants to lounge around the home, or dressed up with nice jeans and worn for a fun day out with friends, our pullover hoodies are a stylish mix of comfort and couture. 

Available in sizes ranging from small to 2XL and available for shipping to the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, our premium unisex hoodies are charged with positivity and blessings.

Whether you shop our Love Inspired collection to aid your romantic pursuits; our Prosperity Inspired collection to help with your bottom line, or our new Natural 9 Inspired products that helps manifest luck, the crew at Miracles Manifester wants to help you.

That’s why we design and create first-class color dye products for sale today. Our clothes come sized for both women and men.

french terry cotton hoodie

What is a French Terry Hoodie?

It is a knit fabric made from cotton. It has a soft and smooth feeling with just enough stretch to making wearing it comfortable while doing anything. 

What makes it unique is its two-sided construction. The outside of French terry is smooth and flexible, while the inside is made of tightly wound yarn loops. The result is a comfortable, breathable garment that’s smooth on the outside and cozy on the inside.

When Should I wear French Terry?

French terry cloth keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The double-sided nature means the material is woolly against the skin while retaining the moisture-wicking absorbent properties of the best athleisure wear. 

Because it’s soft and perfect for layering with other clothes, there is never a wrong time of day season to wear this sweatshirt hoodie. They make the perfect accessories to any outfit and are a great way to layer your outfit for maximum comfort in any temperature. 

How to Care for a French Terry hoodie

Hoodies from the Miracles Manifester shop are easy to maintain. With a minimal amount of care, they can be kept looking new and stylish, no matter how often they’ve been worn. 

All our pullover hoodies are made from cotton and high-quality color dye. They do not need dry cleaning. Instead, our products can be washed in a machine with regular detergent and dried in a machine or on a line.

For best results, wash Miracles Manifester hoodies in cold water using a gentle detergent and tumble dry on low heat.

Does French Terry Keep You Warm?

It’s both lighter weight than most sweatshirts and heavier than a T-shirt. Its weight makes it versatile and easy to layer to accommodate any kind of weather. 

On its own, this product will keep you about as warm as a light jacket. However, when layered over a T-shirt, it holds in more heat. Miracles Manifester hoodies can be worn over gym clothing and long and short T-shirts or underneath coats to enclose even more heat while staying cozy and comfortable.

French Terry vs Terry Cloth

Although they sound similar, there are important differences. French terry is both softer and smoother than terry cloth. You’ll find it more commonly used in clothing, like pullovers and sweatpants. 

Terry cloth, on the other hand, is a rougher and more absorbent fabric. It's more sponge-like properties make it better suited for swimming towels and bathmats that need to soak up lots of water. 

The differences between both fabrics can be seen as well as felt. Terry cloth has larger, more noticeable loops on yarn on both sides, while French terry has smaller yarn loops on only one side and also has a noticeable smoothness to it, which can be easily felt on contact.

Does French Terry Fabric Wrinkle?

French terry is made from cotton and is considered “wrinkle resistant.” This means the material will not wrinkle during regular wear or when stored in a closet or loosely folded. However, it is not wrinkle-free. If left crumpled on the ground, or in a similarly distorted position for a long enough time, the material will hold wrinkles. 

If your pullover hoodie does manage to wrinkle, either due to being wadded up in a suitcase or something else, the fix is easy. Just toss your hoodie into a dryer for a few minutes, and the wrinkles will release. 

What is the Difference Between French Terry Fabric and Fleece?

While both are soft, warm, and made from cotton, there are important distinctions between them. The biggest difference is how the materials are finished. French terry material leaves yarn loops intact on one side of the fabric.

This creates the cozy inside layer of hoodies. Yarn loops allow the fabric to breathe easier, wick away sweat, and masks odors. 

Fleece on the other hand, is made by shredding the loops of yarn on the inside of the garment. This is what gives fleece its woolly feeling. Sweatshirts and joggers made from fleece are less breathable but retain heat better and does not absorb moisture. 

What are Knit Fabrics?

The term doesn’t refer to the source material used to make a product, but rather how that product is constructed. A knit is made by interloping a single piece of yarn or thread. In contrast, woven fabrics are made on a loom using several different yarns. 

Most apparel is made from knit fabrics because they are more stretchable, less stiff, and often retain heat better. Woven fabrics are created on a tighter tension and produce more rigid products and often used for upholstery instead of clothing. 

Why Choose a Sweatshirt Hoodie from Miracles Manifester?

Our hoodies are more than a great product. Our comfy and stylish hoodies are imbued with the Law of Attraction to help bring good things into your life. 

Whether you’re seeking love, luck, or prosperity, the Miracles Manifester shop brings you outstanding unisex pullovers available for sale anywhere. They come in a variety of colors and every last one is charged with positivity and blessings.