How To Style Oversized Hoodies

July 26, 2021 5 min read

Oversized sweatshirts are becoming increasingly popular with both men and women of every age. That is because they are very comfortable, easy to wear and look great with almost all clothing items and fashion accessories.

However, wearing an oversized hoodie can easily give the impression of a real sloth if it is not properly combined with other fashion accessories.

So, how to wear a hoodie without looking sloppy? How do you style your big hoodie outfit?

When you understand how to wear an oversized hoodie, you will have fun matching it with different outfits. You will love how these simple outfits can take you through almost any occasion.

Now it's time to follow our guidelines to learn how to wear an oversized hoodie outfit to achieve that "casual but classy" appearance.

How To Style Oversized Hoodies

What Is An Oversized Hoodie?

An oversized hoodie is a versatile piece of clothing that can be easily transformed into fashionable outfits. It is a baggy cloth that usually covers up shapes and hides a wearer's slim or curvy shape.

Sometimes it makes an individual looks taller by giving such a person cool and elegant looks. An oversized hoodie can be worn for an everyday look - regardless of the occasion or season.

These big sweatshirts are one of the best things to keep you warm in the winter, but you can look perfect wearing them during other seasons if you pair them with the right accessories.

In truth, there are many ways to style an oversized hoodie. Nonetheless, we'll give you some suggestions that you will not go wrong with if you want to improve your outfit.

How To Style An Oversized Hoodie 

  • Pair an Oversized Hoodie With Skinny Pants

    Tight jeans are one of the easiest ways to prevent an oversized hoodie style from looking sloppy on you. The truth is that tight, long trousers always seem good in combination with an oversized hoodie. Wear an oversized hoodie over tight jeans to achieve a casual but classy appearance that everyone will like.

    Simply, you need to maintain balance. If you are wearing an oversized hoodie, then you need to combine it with something narrow.

    To achieve a sporty and casual street appearance, combine torn pants with your black oversized hoodie.

    On the other hand, if you prefer a more casual fashion look, then elegant flat pants should be your first choice or high-waisted stretch jeans. This is, incredibly, perfect for women of all ages.

    You can play with the color of your hoodie and your pants, but the pants should always be one color and, if you ask us, we would always try to use darker shades (such as black). That way, you make your figure seem slimmer and more elegant.

    However, that certainly does not mean that bright pants are the wrong choice! After all, you know the saying: "Tastes differ," so feel free to combine your shirts with anything you like!

    • Wear an Oversized Hoodie Over the Dress

      Another way to look more fashionable while wearing a long oversized hoodie is to wear a long dress (or shirt) under it. You can combine that with dark jeans. That way, you will achieve an exciting and trendy sporty look that your friends will adore.

      Your favorite dress will look more feminine than ever while fluttering under a big oversized hoodie.

      Bulky sneakers or sandals fit perfectly with this combination. To be frank, it's all up to you! As long as you like how you look and think positive,
      the law of attraction will do the rest.  

      Yellow Sweatshirt Hoodie - Lucky Bull


      • Wear a Large Hoodie Under a Leather Jacket or Coat

        A leather jacket over an oversized hoodie is a total hit. It makes you look sharp and is suitable for both day and night activities.

        For colder days, an oversized hoodie under your favorite coat is the most comfortable and warmest solution. Dark, skinny jeans, with this combination, will look fantastic whether it is a day walk in a park or a night out with your loved ones.

        This combination can be matched with boots. If the occasion is festive, choose dark color shoes, while for more casual events, it might be better to opt for lighter shades (such as white). Using white in your outfit will help you achieve that classy yet sporty look.

        • Combine the Hoodie With Knee-high Boots

          One oversized hoodie and a pair of knee-high boots are enough to make you look fantastic and sexy!

          Choose a long hoodie in your favorite color and wear knee-length footwear with it, and you will look more feminine than ever.

          So, for a perfect and seductive look, you don't need expensive designer dresses. One oversized hoodie is enough to look beautiful on all occasions.

          • Cute Big Hoodies in Combination With Shorts

            If you want the big hoodie you are wearing to look unique and sexy, pairing it with shorts will do the job.

            You can draw attention to your oversize hoodie and boots by combining an oversized hoodie with over-the-knee boots or massive sneakers. In this combination, your legs will look longer, whether you are in elegant over-the-knee boots or massive sneakers.

            • Play With Colors and Texture

              In the end, feel free to experiment and play around with the colors and textures you got in your wardrobe at 

              Gentle shades are always suitable for oversized hoodies because they refresh your look, which may seem a bit rough in wide clothes. 

              A shirt in beige shades usually seems expensive and refined, while pastel shades add a feminine note. So, you should consider these colors while choosing your oversized hoodie.

              For a casual and chic look, combine a hoodie in some shade of beige or pastel color with jeans or elegant pants.

              If the selected pieces of clothing are of different textures, you will not go wrong either. You will look even more intriguing and bolder.

              Now that you know Miracles Manifester Hoodies’ favorite ways to style oversized big hoodies, it's time to consider where you can get this phenomenal piece of clothing. 


              Orange Designer Hoodie - Show Your Love For Blessings


              Where Can You Buy Oversized Hoodies? 

              An oversized hoodie can look great in many different combinations, making it an excellent way to save your hard-earned money. Instead of buying many designer dresses, you can add a new, classic oversized sweatshirt by visiting any of the local shopping malls or stores.

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              With our oversized hoodies, you will get modern outfits for every season without spending a fortune.

              As a result, you will no longer need to renew your outfits as frequently as you do now.
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              How to Wear Oversized Hoodies: The Takeaway 

              If you are not sure what to wear with an oversized hoodie, consider the cozy ideas above. It will make everything perfect.

              However, keep one thing in mind.

              These are your clothes, so the most important thing when it comes to styling an oversized hoodie is to decide on the combination in which you will feel best. Clothes should be comfortable and not interfere with your health and daily activities.

              Also, ensure you love your look in your oversized hoodie. If you combine it in the right way, no doubt it will be your favorite piece of clothing.