What to Wear With a Hoodie & What Benefits Can You Get From It in 2021?

August 09, 2021 5 min read

What to Wear With a Hoodie

Hoodies have become a ubiquitous part of people's daily lives. From high school students to middle-aged housewives, everyone enjoys wearing a hoodie. 

Due to their growing popularity, hoodies are now one of the best-selling clothing items. Therefore, almost all major t-shirt brands make hooded sweatshirts nowadays. 

Some are intended to be worn in combination with jeans, a skirt, or even a dress, while some are made to be worn as the main clothing items. 

Different Hoodie Styles for 2021 

In recent years, designer brands have begun to offer high-quality hoodies of all types and styles. Many of these are intended to be worn as primary pieces of clothing and not just as accessories. 

You can find hoodies with zippers, long sleeves or with short sleeves, and everything in between. They are also made of a wide range of fabrics, including French Terry, velvet, cotton, leather, and so on.

So, no matter what look you want to achieve, you will be able to find a hoodie that suits your taste. 

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Hoodie?

Many people decide to buy a hoodie as a gift for someone special. Why? Because they are practical, elegant, and comfortable. 

  1. You Can Wear it on Many Occasions

A quality cotton hooded sweatshirt is an ideal item of clothing that you can wear every day, in a particularly informal and casual style. 

For example, it can be worn during a cold day in the city, but it is also great to wear when you enjoy warm weather outdoors during spring evenings. 

  1. They Are Better for Your Health

In addition, hoodies are actually better for your health than conventional wool sweaters because they offer better airflow through your clothing. This allows your skin to sweat less, which can help keep the internal temperature regulated. 

  1. They are Unique & Beautiful

Another advantage of wearing a hoodie is that most of them are unique and beautiful and will let you stand out from the crowd. Hooded sweatshirts are now available in almost all styles and colors, so you don't have to stick to the same old pair of boots, T-shirts, shorts, classic leather jacket, or jeans that everyone else wears. 

The benefits of wearing a hoodie, therefore, cannot be overstated. Not only do they provide warmth, they are practical, modern-looking, and elegant. If you want to look trendy, go for a hoodie! 

However, before you slip into your new or old hoodie, please read our short guide on what you can combine it with. 

What Can You Wear With Your Hoodie & How? 


There are countless things you can combine your favorite hoodie with, but let's mention a few that we from Miracles Manifester Hoodies love to wear. 

How and When to Wear a Sleeveless Hoodie

It is now clear that a hooded sweatshirt is a clothing item people can wear in any situation and still look relaxed and trendy. Whether it is summer or winter, it's always possible to find a style of hoodie suitable for the given weather conditions. 

One style of hoodie that is becoming more and more popular when it comes to warm days is a sleeveless hoodie. These are perfect sportswear for your trips to the gym. 

When it comes to women, sleeveless hoodies can be worn in combination with leggings or jeans. They also look good with a simple T-shirt underneath. 

Women have many different sleeveless hoodie styles at their disposal. When they need to look simple, yet elegant, they should opt for this hoodie style. 

Sleeveless hoodies are also produced for men. A man can look super cool and attractive (with minimal effort) simply by wearing this type of hoodie. 

They are especially suitable for wearing in various sports, such as skating or basketball, where they look great in combination with short shorts. 

How to Wear a Hoodie Under a Blazer 

A plain white hoodie combined with nice jeans, leather jacket, classic pair of boots or shoes, and sneakers is a classically good combination. And if you wear a blazer over your hoodie, the combination becomes even better. 

Your new hoodie under a blazeris an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. This combination violates all traditional rules, but don't let that stop you from trying it. 

Sports fashion is now at its peak, and you can combine a hoodie in this way with complete freedom. 

Belt Bags and Belts Combined With a Hoodie, Yes or No? 

Our answer is: definitely YES! 

This outfit combination is our personal favorite when it comes to pairing fashion accessories with hoodies. 


Simply put, a hoodie can often look sloppy and bulky, and you might feel as if it has overwhelmed the rest of the clothes you are wearing. To prevent this from happening, reach for a belt or bag to wear around your waist. 

You see, these two add-ons will become your best friends. This combination is perfect if you lack ideas on how to style oversized hoodies. 

How to Wear a Hat With a Hoodie 

Hoodie and a hat

Believe it or not, a hat combined with a new hoodie can look quite elegant.

The hats in this combination put the focus on the face, so that the hoodie you are wearing looks less bulky.

Even if you are not a fan of hats or headbands, be brave enough to try out this combination because you will probably like it. Feel free to thank us later.

How to Wear a Chain With a Hoodie

The combination of a chain and a hoodie can most often be seen with celebrities from the music industry. This combo represents a streetwear outfit fitted for many occasions. This trend is especially popular with musicians from the rap genre (who follow “street trends”) and mainly involves wearing large chains over a hoodie to achieve completely casual look. 

If you think about it, only that particular way of wearing a chain in combination with a hoodie makes sense. 

Why do we say that? 

Because it wouldn't make sense to wear jewelry like this if it's hidden. 

Specifically, our advice for those who want to try this combination is to keep the jewelry, i.e. the chain they are wearing, above average in thickness. 

Also, the hoodie you wear in combination with the chain should not stand out. In other words, let the hoodie be your background on which the chain will be able to stand out. 

Wearing a chain with a hoodie is one way of self-expression. More precisely, it's an expression of your desire to be unique. 

What to Wear With a Hoodie: The Bottom Line 

It should be obvious by now that you can wear countless things and fashion accessories with your favorite hoodie. Your favorite leather jacket, pullover, jeans, blazer, pants, trousers, sneakers, or chain are great options that can be easily combined with your new hoodie. 

Gone are the days when a hoodie was considered suitable only for use at home and casual looks. Fashion has changed, and hooded sweatshirts have become versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn on all occasions. 

With a bit of creativity and boldness (and a few fashion details), you can turn your hoodie into trendy clothes. And, you will look better and more confident than ever.